EV Resources

The EV community is growing every day.  Below are some sites that we have found helpful in finding and purchasing an EV, understanding the technology, and helping with EV ownership.  We hope you'll take some time to learn about the EV REVolution.  As always, feel free to contact us if any questions come up along the way or you want to learn about having a used EV delivered to your doorstep.


drive electric minnesota

Drive Electric Minnesota is a partnership of Minnesota’s electric vehicle (EV) champions, dedicated to encouraging the deployment of EVs and the establishment of EV charging infrastructure through public-private partnerships, financial incentives, education, technical support and public policy


MN pev owners

MN Plug-In Vehicle Owners' Circle (MNPEVOC) provides a forum for Minnesota electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid owners to connect, share their experiences and learn more about PEV related topics.



We help drivers make the switch to electric by offering connected charging wherever they work, shop, eat and play.
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