Here we need a picture of me with an EV...



Hello!  My name is Zach.  I'm the founder of Revolution Motors, and have been a certified "gear head" since I was a four year old kid using my parents 1976 Honda Accord as my personal play pen (they'll never forgive me for all the pennies I stuck in the seat belt receptacles).   

Though I have made my living in the courtroom as an attorney over the past decade, I have always maintained my love for all things with wheels.  Despite my attendance at tech school back in the 90s and the eclectic assortment of vehicles that I have owned and worked on over the years, until recently, I always saw cars as just a hobby of mine. That all changed when I decided to purchase my first electric car.

As a gearhead, I'm drawn to the fact that powering a car with an electric motor is absolutely, unquestionably superior, less complex and more direct than with an internal combustion engine.  There is no need for a greasy engine, a complex transmission, a cooling system, exhaust, or nearly any of the vast array of sensors, gears, and solenoids that work to power a traditional car.  As a driving enthusiast, I'm in love with the instant power, the gobs of low end torque, and the silent worry-free driving experience.  And probably most importantly, as someone who is concerned with the effect that human behavior is having on the planet, I love the fact that I'm not burning fossil fuels, producing waste oil, or contributing to the demand for foreign energy.  And ok, yeah, as my father's son, I love the fact that operating and maintaining an EV costs a tiny fraction of what a traditional car does. In short, despite my long running love affair with cars, I'm convinced that I will never buy another traditional gas powered car again.




I quickly learned that becoming an EV owner is more of a game changer than just losing your status as a regular at the local gas station.  Be prepared to have strangers stop to ask you questions when they see (but not hear) your car pull in to a parking spot.  Get used to the smiles and waves from other EV drivers too.  One of the most important parts about being an EV pioneer is getting to know the local EV community, even if just through online contact.  Its important to learn how to find which charging stations are nearby in the event that you have a heavy driving day (yeah, there's an app for that).  It's nice to know which local electrician will install your home charging station correctly.  And it's just good to connect with other people who are part of the EV community and who you can go to if any questions come up.  That is why a big part of what we do is support the local EV community and partner with other organizations who can help with every step of the EV journey.  





I hope you'll take some time to take a look around the website, as well as the multitude of others that are dedicated to Electric Vehicles.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me personally by email or by phone if you have any questions, want to talk shop, or just are curious about my EV experience.  

Happy motoring!