Is an EV right for me?

As with any new product, people have a lot of questions and misconceptions about EVs and EV ownership.  Along with our network of local and national EV experts, we're here to answer any questions you may have about making the switch to electric.

the bottom line is that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages of ev ownership for most people.  unless you routinely drive very long distances and don't have access to a second car, ev ownership is likley for you.  some of the most important benefits include:

- No more expensive gas, oil, or MAINTENANCE

- superior driving experience - silent, instant power

- Zero carbon emissions

- no dependency on foreign energy

- far more reliable and less complex than a gas car

- incredible value as a used car


  • Aren't EVs out of my price range?  Not anymore!  Major manufacturers have been producing consumer EVs for sale (mostly in California and Oregon) for about half a decade now.  As such, there is a strong market for used EVs for the first time in history.  Many late model used EVs can be had for UNDER $10,000 with low mileage and in like-new condition!  Many of these vehicles sold just a few years ago for $35,000 - $40,000 and represent incredible value for the used consumer.

  • Don't I have to have a complicated and expensive charging station in my garage?  No.  EVs can be charged by simply plugging in to your regular wall outlet.  However, most people will want a Level II charger, which used to be an expensive proposition.  Modern Level II chargers can recharge your car's battery in just a few hours and cost only a few hundred dollars.  They use a 220v circuit, like your clothes dryer likely does.  It is not particularly expensive or difficult to install a 220v circuit in most garages, and we have a network of trusted and licensed professionals who know just how to get the job done for you.

  • Can't EVs only go a few miles before needing a recharge? The EVs we sell will typically have enough battery capacity to travel between 70 and 100 miles between charges. For the vast majority of people, their daily commute should pose no problem at all, and with new charging stations popping up every day, "range anxiety" is nearly a thing of the past.

  • What are EVs like to drive?  Can they go highway speeds?  Modern EVs all drive just like other modern cars.  In most cases, you'll actually notice significantly stronger initial "off the line" acceleration than you would in a gas powered car.  Highway speeds are no problem at all, and most EVs come quite well equipped from the factory with AC, bluetooth stereos, navigation, and other creature comforts that most consumers expect.

  • I get that I'm saving on gas, but will my power bills skyrocket?  Many local power companies have programs and incentives to minimize the impact on your electric bill.  I recently spoke to one EV user who found that her Nissan Leaf was costing an additional $10 per month on her electric bill to operate after the power company incentives were applied.  This may not be the case for everyone, but rest assured, you will be spending far, far less on electricity than you had been spending on gas.  Also, since an electric car is inherently less mechanically complex than a traditional vehicle, plan on  no more oil changes, timing belts, transmission fluid changes, and other expenses that come with a gas powered car.

  • Who can repair my EV?  How long will the battery last? Luckily, because there is no combustion engine or complex transmission to service, EVs typically require far less maintenance than a traditional vehicle.  However, if your EV does need service, many of the other components are the same as any other vehicle and can be serviced at your local dealership or repair shop.  We also will be offering specialized EV repair and battery replacement in the very near future.  As far as the batteries are concerned, it is true that they may sometimes degrade somewhat over time.  As EVs become more commonplace, replacement battery cost will decline, battery refurbishment technology will improve, and the market for high quality used batteries from salvaged EVs will increase significantly. 

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