Nissan Leaf - Along with the Tesla, this is the major player in the national EV market.  The Leaf is a practical, comfortable, spacious vehicle with a great support network and many satisfied owners.  A nice used Leaf can typically be had for $10,000 and up delivered to your doorstep.

Tesla Model S - This is the most popular Tesla model (at least until the new, less expensive model 3 takes over), and is an absolute tour de force of futuristic technology and design.  A used Model S will typically run between $48,000 - $90,000

Chevrolet Volt / Cadillac ELR - The Volt adds a twist to the EV formula by including the ability to run on gas to extend the vehicle's range after the battery runs out of charge.  This is often confused with a "hybrid" vehicle (like a Prius or Escape), which actually are gas powered vehicles, but include an electric assist motor to aid in fuel economy.  The Volt is an EV as it is capable of never using gas, but it is there for peace of mind as a range extender or for longer trips. The ELR is based on the Volt but is a luxurious coupe design. A used Volt can be had for as little as $12,000 while the fancier ELR will run at least $29,000.

Fiat 500e - Hands-down the most "fun" EV on the market.  The Fiat 500e is based on the compact Fiat 500 available everywhere, but with an electric drivetrain instead of gas.  It is a "compliance car", so this spicy Italian comes to Minnesota via the west coast.  A used 500e can be had for under $10,000.

Chevrolet Spark - Another "compliance car" the Spark is almost completely unknown outside of California, but that does not mean it shouldn't be considered.  With a roomy interior for such a small vehicle, and a whopping 400 ft-lbs of torque from it's electric motor, the Spark is a blast to drive and has a great interior with lots of tech features.  A used Spark can be had for around $10,000

BMW i3 - The i3 is arguably the most unique looking vehicle on the road today, inside and out.  It features premium environmentally-friendly materials on the inside and striking color combinations on the outside.  As a BMW, you know it will be a high-end experience all around.  A used i3 can be found for as little as $18,000

Ford Focus Electric - Based on the popular and well respected Ford Focus compact, the electric version is an excellent choice for someone who wants a comfortable, efficient EV without making a fashion statement while driving.  The Focus is not available across the country, but instead has been sold new in select major metropolitan areas.  While they can still be a bit difficult to find used, prices will typically start around $14,000.

Volkswagen eGolf - Much like the Focus, the eGolf is VW's electric version of their popular Golf compact car.  Well equipped, sporty, and fun to drive with the practicality of a 4-door hatchback design to boot, expect to pay at least $18,000 for a nice used eGolf.