Join the Electric Car REVolution.

There is no question that the era of gas powered vehicles is coming to an end.  The day is finally here that Electric Vehicles (EVs) are more practical, offer a superior driving experience, cost less to operate, and are more reliable than traditional gas powered cars.

Until now, owning an EV was reserved for those who had the means to afford an expensive new car.  However, as they are finally becoming available on the used market, everyone can enjoy the benefits of driving electric, regardless of budget.  For UNDER $10,000, you can get in to your own late model, low mileage, like-new EV and enjoy the benefit of never spending another dollar on gas or oil, saving on repairs and maintenance, and helping keep the air we breathe clean.  

We are your one-stop resource for the Minnesota and upper Midwest EV community.  We will help you identify the right EV for you, make sure it is in tip-top condition, help with financing, and deliver it to your doorstep.  If you need a charger installed in your home, we can take care of that as well.  Most importantly, we'll be with you every step of the way to welcome you in to the growing EV community and provide resources to make EV ownership a life changing experience!



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